Photographer, Artist, Visual storyteller

Olya is a Iceland based freelance photographer, videographer and visual storyteller, who’s focuses are travel, people’s stories, destination weddings and adventurous lifestyle. 

Over six years, she've captured Iceland's breathtaking landscapes and planned incredible photography trips. She is an owner, with her husband, of Iceland World, which offers a private exclusive Jeep tours in Iceland.

Being photographer for Olya means crafting narratives through visuals, painting a unique story that connects people to individuals or locations. It's about leaving a lasting impression, stirring emotions, and creating an identification point for clients through unforgettable imagery. 

Let's dig into a history

Olya started getting into photography in 2013. Even though she had a finance degree and worked in that field for a while, she always felt the urge for something different. So, in 2013, she grabbed her camera and, with her husband, started her travel across Asia. That trip changed her life.

Olya's story is a breathtaking odyssey of discovery and love, a narrative painted across the canvas of the world's most enchanting locales. From the serene shores of a Philippine island to the bustling streets of Asia and the romantic landscapes of Europe, her life unfolded like a cherished novel, each chapter revealing new wonders.

As she traversed the globe, Olya's lens captured not just images but the very essence of human connection. Her camera immortalized the whispered vows of couples amidst the splendor of iconic landmarks and the hidden gems of the world. Through her photography, she artfully preserved tales of love against backdrops as diverse as the souls she captured.


Yet, it was Iceland that beckoned her heart with its icy allure. Slowly, she began to unravel the mysteries of this land, each frame echoing the untamed beauty of its landscapes and the warmth of its people. In her lens, Iceland revealed its secrets, becoming both muse and sanctuary.

Throughout the years, Olya's artistry flourished as she wove her own story into the tapestry of those she photographed. Her images, not just frozen moments but living testaments to the human experience, echoed the symphony of love and adventure that colored her own life.