Discover the wonderful world of Iceland! A world with fantastic landscapes and energy. A world where even a simple trip turns into an unforgettable journey.



Travels to a new countries and exotic places became a way of life for me. My name is Nikolay - I am a traveler and organize private tours in Iceland using my own routes. I really want to show you this country the way I would like it to be shown to me when I came here for the first time. To visit not only the most popular places in Iceland, but also places where you cant go by bus on group tours. Based on three years of travel experience in Iceland, I made both: ready-made routes, and I can build ptivate tours on your preferences.

My tours are private! For a company of 2-4 people on a 4WD car, where you always have water or hot tea.


For those who prefer to stay in one hotel, without changing a place. For those who appreciate the convenience of short trips and are happy to return to their own room in Reykjavik after each tour. The routes are quite different and very interesting, you will see the most beautiful places in Iceland.

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For those who want to dive into the atmosphere of travel and adventure, go a little further and see much more. I have created two-day tours with an overnight stay, surrounded by Icelandic nature. You will see some amazing locations that you can't in one-day tours.

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This is how I would like to spend 3 days of my first trip to this country. Without popular bus routes and "pop" trails. This tour is for those who want to dive whole head into the atmosphere of adventure and see  the best Icelandic places with no buses and many tourists.

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Tour for those who want more than 2-3 days. I pick you up at the airport and we go for adventures. Changing locations everyday, we slowly explore every corner of this wonderful world called Iceland.

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I can easily adapt my tours for your needs and preferences. If for some reason the options above do not suit you: you have more than four people, you would like to spend more days or you have children and you are worried about the comfort of the trip. Send me a request and I will recommend a tour or make a custom one exclusively for you.


  • I am the tour-maker and a guide in one person
  • You'll have a private car, only for you, your family or friends (no other tourists)
  • Freedom and flexibility in tour changes
  • I adjust to your arrival dates
  • Free Wi-Fi in the car, for connected people
  • 4WD car, which allows us to go a bit further than others
  • I always have a drone with me and we can take some great aerial shots


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