3 Day tour

I made this route for myself. This is how I would like to spend 3 days of my trip it this country. Without "pop" bus routes and very popular trails. This tour for those who want and are ready to dive into the atmosphere of Icelandic nature to the maximum. See its best places and get to ones where buses and many tourists do not come. The route is very intence, it can be done in a week, but then a large part of the costs will be on accommodation, so I fit it into three days. After this trip, it will be hard to surprise you anymore.


All you need is to come to Iceland.

Day 1

Early morning we meet at your hotel and head to south coast of Iceland. This route, very popular among tourists in Iceland, but it is definitely worth your attention. 

The tour has collected : the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls, a glacier that you can touch, cliffs with millions of Pafins and amazing views along the ocean, we will also stop at the famous and dangerous Black Beach, which has been recognized as the most beautiful in the world.

We start from your hotel in Reykjavik and drive to south of the island.

The first stop will be the Seljalandsfoss waterfall - the height of the fall is 60 meters, and its unique. You can literally go behind it. And watch the rushing stream fall on the other side of the waterfall.

Next stop is photographers favorite - Skógafoss waterfall. Impressed not only with its power, but also with the fact that you can come close to it, as far as your courage and quality of your clothes, and take an incredible pics. There are some restaurants and if you want you can have a lanch.

Then we will drive to the glacier and walk to it as close as possible, feeling the full power of this cold monster.

Next, we are heading to beaches with black volcanic sand and bizarre rocks near Dyrhólaey - the most south point of the island. Here we can find Puffins and take pictures of these cute birds.

Then we move to the famous Black Beach. Just look at the photo. Have you seen something similar elsewhere on the planet?

If we have enough time I will take you to a little-known canyon with another waterfall.

Then walk to the basalt columns and Troll's Fingers.

Troll's fingers named because of their resemblance to thin fingers sticking out of the water. There is one legend... and I will tell you on the way.

Yes, Icelanders are very love legends and really believe in elves and trolls. Here's the truth..

If you hungry, we can go to a restaurant nearby.

After a short rest, we move further to the east, with another amazing change of landscape from ash-sand to endless moss covers.

The last stop of the day will be the Fjaðrargljufur canyon, where we can walk and enjoy incredible views of one of the most beautiful canyons in Iceland.

In the evening we check in to our cozy house and cook dinner: a barbecue of steaks, whiskey or just hot tea, sharing your experience and discuss the upcoming day.

Day 2

After a good sleep, we have a breakfast and move on. Today we will dive into the world of glaciers and icebergs. We'll drive off the concreat roads and go where ordinary cars don't go. On this day, we will see the most massive glaciers in Iceland, sliding down from the mountains, changing the landscape, and sometimes destroying bridges and roads, causing a lot of troubles for the locals.

We are going to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Breathtaking landscapes, chilling beauty of nature and endless freedom - this is what deserves to become one of the epic memories about Iceland.

This is the today's largest lagoon in Iceland, and definitely one of the most scenic.

Here we can watch funny seals are splashing in the water or basking on icebergs,

We will see huge ice break off, they turn over and float into the ocean

These icebergs eventually drift out to sea where they are polished by the waves before floating back to the black sands of Breiðamerkursandur. The name ‘Diamond Beach’ thus comes from the white ice on the black sand appearing like gemstones or diamonds, as they often glisten in the sun. Let's take a walk and take pictures.

We will drive to the Skaftafell park and climb the hill to see the most bizarre of the waterfalls - Svartifoss.

We spend the evening in a cozy cottage surrounded by beautiful nature. Gaining power for tomorrow's most exciting route - Highlands

Day 3

After breakfast, we move inside the island, leaving asphalt, houses, farms and other tourists far behind.

The route itself will be so wild and impressive that you will definitely want to stop at every corner to freeze for a moment and listen to the silence of nature, and we can easily do it.

Crossing small fords and rivers on the way, we will find a different world, which I really want you to see. 

Be ready for some small trekking to the waterfalls and colored mountains of the Landmannalaugar National Park.

If you wish and we have enough time, we can jump in a hot spring - a mountain river that flows from the colored mountains. In this case, take your swimsuit and towel.

Moving further, in the middle of the stone desert, approaching one of the cliffs, you will see canyon, which was formed as a result of the construction of a dam on the river upstream and after draining the bottom, the river turned into a beautiful oasis.

And we end the day by the incredible Haifoss waterfall and his brother Granni, is almost next to Haifoss and this pair of waterfalls is one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in Iceland. Standing over these two waterfalls is like looking at a painting or a panoramic photograph. This is something unbelivable!

At this point our off-road and the tour itself coming to the end. Tired and full of emotions, we are heading to Reykjavik, to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

The guide may change the route if necessary.


During the tour we live in warm, cozy cottages, houses, surrounded by scenic Icelandic nature. Usually it is comfortable four-bed cottages with two or one bedroom, where we live together, cook food and share our experiences of the day. Accommodation options could be discuded during tour booking if you have own preferences. Availability depends booking dates.

Along routes we can find some cafes, fast foods, restaurants where you can have a lunch. During our stay we by groceries in supermarkets in advance or on the way. We cook dinners and breakfasts ourselves in the kitchen, some cottages have barbecue stuff.

Tour includes:

  • tour organization
  • driver & guide services
  • transport and fuel
  • accommodation along the route
  • drinks and snacks on the road
  • WI-FI in the car
  • some shots and video with drone (depends on weather)
  • pick up service


Not includes:

  • food
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