1 Day tours



I'll start with the longest and most intense one-day tour. But keep in mind, due to the  the weather, it is only available in the summer.

The route goes into Iceland highlands, where the asphalt disappears and a completely different world opens up, which you would't see in group bus tours. There will be spectavular waterfalls and volcanic lakes, and a bit rough roads. It is difficult imagine what you will see there.
I pick you up early in the morning and we, comfortably seated in a car, are moving towards the highlands. It will be about 1.5 hours drive to the first desination. But even that drive will not make you bored, because along all jorney you will have beautiful views from the window. Who want to scroll through the Instagram feed or solve a couple of work issues, Wi-Fi is on board.

As soon as we leave the concreat road, we are met by the incredible Haifoss waterfall and his brother Granni, is almost next to Haifoss and this pair of waterfalls is one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in Iceland. Standing over these two waterfalls is like looking at a painting or a panoramic photograph. This is something!

Moving further, we park our car and go to a place where it would seem that there is nothing unusual. But In the middle of the stone desert, approaching one of the cliffs, you will see canyon, which was formed as a result of the construction of a dam on the river upstream and after draining the bottom, the river turned into a beautiful oasis.

After hundreds of pictures, we return to the car and drive even further from civilization, closer to the mountains and volcanic lakes.

We will climb up to the volcano crater, extinct but beautiful.

We will drive along the valley of rivers and "golden mountains"

We will ford several rivers and find ourselves at our end point of the route - the Landmannalaugar National Park.

Where we will make a small trekking

If we have time, we can bathe in a hot spring. In this case, do not forget your swimsuit and towel.

Now time to comeback, to your hotel in Reykjavik.

Tour time: ~ 12 hours

Route: 400 km

Hiking: Mid

South Coast

This route, very popular among tourists in Iceland, but it is definitely worth your attention. This is the only one day tour where we can see and even touch the glacier.

The tour has collected : the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls, a glacier that you can touch, cliffs with millions of Pafins and amazing views along the ocean, we will also stop at the famous and dangerous Black Beach, which has been recognized as the most beautiful in the world.

We start from your hotel in Reykjavik and drive to south of the island.

The first stop will be the Seljalandsfoss waterfall - the height of the fall is 60 meters, and its unique. You can literally go behind it. And watch the rushing stream fall on the other side of the waterfall.

Next stop is photographers favorite - Skógafoss waterfall. Impressed not only with its power, but also with the fact that you can come close to it, as far as your courage and quality of your clothes, and take an incredible pics. There are some restaurants and if you want you can have a lanch.

Then we will drive to the glacier and walk to it as close as possible, feeling the full power of this cold monster.

Next, we are heading to beaches with black volcanic sand and bizarre rocks near Dyrhólaey - the most south point of the island. Here we can find Puffins and take pictures of these cute birds.

If we have enough time I will take you to a little-known canyon with another waterfall.

Then we move to the famous Black Beach. Just look at the photo. Have you seen something similar elsewhere on the planet?

Then walk to the basalt columns and Troll's Fingers.

Troll fingers named because of their resemblance to thin fingers sticking out of the water. There is one legend... and I will tell you on the way.

Yes, Icelanders are very love legends and really believe in elves and trolls. Here's the truth..

If you hungry, we go to a restaurant and after we move back to Reykjavik.

Tour time: ~ 10 hours

Route: 400 km

Hiking: Easy


The route of this tour runs through the western part of Iceland. On the Snaefelsnes peninsula - in a very interesting area, where I have selected the most beautiful sights. The route is interesting because it is not as popular among tourists as the South Coast, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy nature and make beautiful shots with no  people.

Here we will see: bizarre mountain building and basalt landscapes

Kirkjufell mountain - the hallmark of Iceland, which is considered the most famous and photogenic in Iceland.

After we go for a walk along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean near the village of Arnarstapi, with bizarre rocks and bird colonies.

In this village we can have a tasty meal and get energy for the further journey. Then we will visit the another favorite of photographers - the Black Church in the village of Budir.

We will visit the seal beach and, if we are lucky with the weather, we will see how the families of these funny animals are sunbathing.

On the way back, we'll stop by to drink mineral water comes right out of the ground. The curious thing about it is that you won’t be able to take a lot of it with you, because after a couple of hours it dies.

Tour time: ~ 11 hours

Route: 430 km

Hiking: Easy

Golden Circle

Although it is the most popular and easiest route in Iceland. But quite interesting.

We will go to the crater of the extinct volcano Kerid, walk through the places where the history of the state of Iceland was born, and later the footage of the Game of Thrones series was filmed. We will see the majestic and powerful Gudlfoss waterfall. And we will definitely visit several cool places that are not included in the standard Golden Ring route.

So, our first stop is the Valley of Geysers. This is the only place where you can see and capture the active Geyser - shooting vast jets of boiling water.. Spectacular thing!

Next, we will go to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland Gullfoss. Its name translates as ‘Golden Waterfall’ , due to the fact that at sunset the waters of Gullfoss and the mist clouds turn into yellow - the color of gold.

After the waterfall, we head to Thingvellir (Þingvellir) - a valley and national park in the southwestern part of Iceland, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

On the way back, we will turn aside and stop at another, no less beautiful waterfall, where some shots from the movie Game of Thrones were filmed.

Tour time: ~ 7 hours

Route: 300 km

Hiking: Easy

Reykjanes peninsula

This is the easiest and fastest route for half a day. This tour is interesting because it is not far from Reykjavik and surprisingly without crowds of tourists. Also, in this side there is a unique open-air geothermal center - the Blue Lagoon. The visit will be a great addition option to this tour.

So, having picked you up from the hotel, we will find ourselves in a completely different world in twenty minutes, and the view from the car window will show you that.

We will stop by to take a picture of a geothermal active zone with columns of steam escaping from the ground, hear the legend of an evil spirit that was trapped by a priest here.

Driving further, we will stop to capture the endless expanses of lava fields covered with green moss,

We will see geothermal stations and craters that give the area a Mars feel.

You will learn and understand why such an expensive country has the cheapest electricity in the world and why Reykjavik streets are heated with hot water in winter.

We will definitely stop by to look at the blue lakes and hear an amazing story about their nature.

At the end of a great day, we can go to bath in the geothermal SPA center Blue Lagoon.

Tour time: ~ 6 hours (without BlueLagoon)

Route: 180 km

Hiking: Easy

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